Disney has always marketed itself as a place where families can come to create memories and experience the magic together.  And while some of us trace our favorite Disney memories back to trips with our own families, there are certain experiences that may be more memorable when experienced alone.  With no one to slow you down, share options about what to do or where to go and even what time to arrive or leave, you control the agenda and thus, you control the experience.  And that’s what we have in today’s article.

Welcome to Believe Vacations’ Weekly Post where this week, we are going to look at the Top Ten Experiences Best Done Solo.  For this list, our agents were asked what experiences they would enjoy by themselves.  No restrictions were put on the answers as we all have our own suggestions for what we would do if we basically had a solo trip to Disney.  And with that, we give you the most popular answers starting with:

Image result for monorail disney10) Resort Hop

What better way to research a future family trip than to bounce around and seeing the different resorts you can stay in?  But if you’re truly running the solo route, it is fun to try different mode of transportation to get to each.  Once there, you can ask questions to the cast members, take strolls around the grounds, sample a soda pop or two at a bar or even just take incredible pictures.  Either way, enjoy the grounds and the views.

Image result for run at disney

9) Run Disney Grounds

Or instead of relaxing at resorts, maybe run the paths designated for such activity?  I would highly advise against running the main roads that connect the resorts but places with walking/running trails like the one at Coronado Springs that encompass a lake are perfect.  Of course, the ultimate “light jog” is following the paths around the Seven Seas Lagoon that goes in front of the Magic Kingdom and touches each of the 3 monorail resorts. And for the adventurous spirit, the RunDisney events are quite popular as well.

Image result for disney golf

8) Spa and Golf

Speaking of health, enjoy some me time by getting yourself pampered at one of the many spas at the resorts.  Take an hour, or two, and allow yourself to relax and rejuvenate.  Or do something active and sign-up to play in a foursome on one of the few golf courses on campus.  Featuring some of the best courses around, enjoy the Hidden Mickey sand traps and occasional views as you drive, chip, and putt around the world.

Image result for animals at animal kingdom7) Look at Animals

While Animal Kingdom has some of the best attractions at Disney and even some of the best views and eats, many people forget that there are actual animals on the grounds.  And you don’t need a safari to see them either.  Hang around the front entrance and around the Tree of Life and you’ll see birds, mammals and more.  Give these wonderful creatures the attention they deserve.  Some are pretty rare and you will not see them at your local zoo.

Image result for character meet and greet6) Character Meet and Greets

My wife had a conference the first time we went to Disney as a couple.  When she was in meetings, I ran around the parks and took some of the time to get pictures with my favorite characters.  In fact, I have no apologies for starting the line to meet Snow White.  When you are on your own, you can take a few moments to interact with your favorite characters and get alone time.  Maybe you’ve wanted to ask Ariel a question for 30 years.  Well now’s your time.

Image result for disney water parks

5) Water Parks

The oft-forgotten part of the Disney World parks, what better way to enjoy a day by yourself than putting on the swimwear and hitting the water parks.  You might prefer the thrills of the multi-story plunges or simply grab a tube and hit up the lazy rivers.  Maybe the wave pool tickles your fancy, and some may just need a towel, a chair, tanning lotion, the sun and the sounds of water rushing in the background.  Either way, the water parks are an amazing way to enjoy a little me time.

Image result for disney drink around the world

4) Drink around the World

Well, we are all adults here I assume, so let’s talk about one of the popular adult games at Epcot and that is to have a drink from every county in the World Showcase, hence “Drinking Around the World.” Now, the elephant in the room tells us that this game may not be suitable for kids.  And while drinking alone may not be the best decision, it may be the only chance one gets.  So drink responsibly, know your limits, have fun and take your time!

Image result for disney tours

3) Tours

A more sober experience is taking a behind-the-scenes tour at one of the parks.  And there are plenty to choose from even though they cost a pretty penny.  But doing so alone may be worth the price.  Imagine seeing what only employees see at the Magic Kingdom, learning about agriculture at Epcot, or going on a starlight safari in the Animal Kingdom.  It’s as if these tours are designed just for you!

Image result for disney single rider

2) Single Riders and Popular Attractions

On the previously mentioned trip with my wife, I discovered a wonderful perk of being solo in the park – Single Rider lines.  Just ask cast members where the line for such people starts and they’ll direct you.  Now, there are obvious selfish benefits for being a single rider as you get to fill up unused seats on the ride.  That will put you up at the front of the line ahead of many people.  But I learned that most of the popular attractions won’t leave the loading station without a full vehicle so you are doing a good duty by fulfilling that seat.  Single riding – pretty much a patriotic duty!

Image result for disney emporium

1) Shop

Even yours truly likes to look around at the merchandise every once in a while.  Clothes, plush toys, gadgets, knick knacks, whozits, whatzits and more will surround you in the parks, at the resorts, Disney Springs and all over the property.  Some people look for deals, other seek more gaudy apparel and others for hunt for rare collectibles.  But I also admit that when my wife shops, I hover.  That means, I stand around and impatiently wait.  So shopping alone has its perks, especially at Disney.

Did we miss anything?  What is a favorite experience at Disney you believe is better done solo?  Leave your comments in the section below and remember there’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick is a husband and father residing in Maylene, AL. His love of Disney goes back to his early memories of watching the New Disney Channel on cable, occasional vacations to Orlando Florida and attending Disney Institute Management Training classes. He keeps up with Disney news and updates by reading numerous websites, experiencing attractions by watching YouTube videos and introducing his family to classic and timeless Disney movies, attractions and songs.