Mary-Morning Radcliffe

Mary-Morning brings a wealth of experience, having been to Walt Disney World at least 60 times. She goes every year and has been known to go up to 3 times in a year! She also has experience traveling to other Disney destinations including Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, and Disneyland Paris. She loves to stay up-to-date with the latest Disney news and plan new experiences for her friends and family. Mary-Morning has celebrated many milestones at Walt Disney World including her engagement, her bachelorette party, and her children’s first birthdays. Whatever your reason for traveling to Disney, chances are that Mary-Morning has done it!  She loves to discuss all things Disney and can’t wait to help YOU experience the magic!

Kasie Baird
Vacation Planner

Kasie’s parents instilled the love of Disney in her from birth. In fact, the very first stuffed animal that she owned was a stuffed Dumbo! Kasie first went to Disney World at the young age of 4. Unfortunately, she was scared of all characters and rides! Luckily, that did not remain true! Since that first visit, she has been to Disney World and Disneyland many times. In fact, she loved Disney World SO MUCH that both her senior trip in high school and senior trip in college were to Disney World! Since getting married, she has introduced her husband, stepsons, and 2-year old daughter to Disney World. Everyone has caught the Disney “bug” and they consider themselves a Disney family. Organizing and planning are natural gifts for Kasie. She loves sharing her knowledge of restaurants, resorts, and rides with friends and is looking forward to helping others plan the vacation of their dreams!

Tiffany Bigelow
Vacation Planner

Tiffany was introduced to Mickey Mouse at the age of 3 at Disneyland and to this day has her original treasured stuffed animal. She experienced Disney World as a teenager when her family had season passes, during college on weekend trips from Florida State University, and for years while living in Orlando. She first loved sharing the magic of Disney with her husband but now loves to experience the wonder and excitement of Disney during family trips with her three boys. She has always loved Disney inspiration- “If you can dream it- you can do it” is her favorite Disney quote! In 2014 she made a decision to train for her very first half marathon- she ran the Princess Half Marathon in February 2015- and since then has completed numerous other Run Disney events including Coast to Coast challenges- her medal collection is getting BIG!!! She is completely addicted to Run Disney events! As a natural planner, she looks forward to sharing her passion, knowledge, and love for the Disney experience while helping friends and family create magical memories together. She also wants to encourage and inspire others to participate in Run Disney events!

Jessica Bouwsma
Vacation Planner

Jessica’s love for Disney has been lifelong, with her first trip at the age of nine.  Now, as a Central Florida Resident and Annual Passholder, Jessica enjoys heading to the Disney World parks regularly with her husband and two boys.  Being so close to the parks has given her the distinctive opportunity to experience unique park happenings throughout the year.  She has a passion for Disney food and loves checking off those coveted treats & restaurants, plus attractions, trendy or limited time souvenirs and experiences from her “Disney Bucket List!”  Jessica is always up on the latest news – as she loves reading any and all Disney blogs and articles!  She knows how to maximize your time as a family, no matter how short or long your dream vacation is; she believes everyone can create their very own Disney story.  As a natural planner, she’d love to help you check off items on your own “Disney Bucket List,” by making your magical trip come true!

Brian Doebele
Vacation Planner
Brian’s love of Disney began with his first Disney Album “Mickey Mouse Disco”!  He first went to Disney World at the age of 5 and has seen many changes throughout the years. He has first hand experience with Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Cruise Line.   He’s traveled many times on DCL to the Caribbean, and experienced the beauty of Alaska on the Disney Wonder.  Brian enjoys showing photos of his trips with friends and family as well as helping them plan their next Disney vacation.  Let Brian plan your next Disney vacation and help you experience the Magic of Disney!
Kyle Holland
Vacation Planner
Kyle has been an avid Disney nut his entire life, having been to Disney World well over 20 times! In addition to going with his entire family growing up, Kyle has been to Disney World several times as a young adult, and can help book a trip to fit any occasion! Dining, tours, and pin trading are just a few of the specific Disney World passions that he loves to pass on to others. Let Kyle help book the perfect trip for you and your family, so that you will be dying to go back again and again to experience the magic!
Sarah Holton
Senior Vacation Planner

As Mary Poppins said, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun…” and, for Sarah, there is an abundance of fun to be found in planning a Disney vacation! From selecting a resort to customizing itineraries, Sarah truly loves details and sharing tips and news that suit your family’s interests and needs. Whatever your travel style, Sarah can help you maximize your time on a Disney vacation. Countless hours spent at Walt Disney World in the ’80s and ’90s helped ensure the pixie dust was in place for life for Sarah, and she keeps the magic alive by visiting the parks frequently with her husband and two daughters. From selecting a resort to customizing itineraries, Sarah truly loves details and sharing tips and news that suit your family’s interests and needs. Whatever your travel style, Sarah can help you maximize your time on a Disney vacation.

Jennifer Neal
Vacation Planner
Jennifer discovered Disney World with her husband and two kids in 2008.  Since then they have visited “the world” more times than they can count, welcomed a third child, and checked other Disney destinations off their list like Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, and runDisney events.  Jennifer stays current on special events and the opportunities within those events to make them more memorable for guests.  She plans every vacation with the motto “you can always find the magic of Disney, the fun is finding YOUR unique pixie dust so every Disney vacation takes flight!”
Brian Pavlick
Vacation Planner

Brian is a husband and father of 3 residing in Maylene, AL.  His love of Disney goes back to his early memories of watching the (then) New Disney Channel on cable, occasional vacations to Orlando Florida and attending Disney Institute Management Training classes.  He keeps up with Disney news and updates by reading numerous websites, experiencing attractions by watching YouTube videos and introducing his family to classic and timeless Disney movies, attractions and songs. His Disney claim to fame is spending his Birthday, his 10 “ear” anniversary, Mother’s Day and a Family Reunion all in the same trip to Walt Disney World.

Christie Pownall
Vacation Planner

Christie took her first trip to Disney World in high school for a cheerleading competition. While attending college, Christie was accepted into the Disney College Program where she worked for the Disney World entertainment department. Since graduating, she visits the Disney parks any chance she gets! Christie has experience with runDisney as she has completed the 2016 Princess Half Marathon, 2016 Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disneyland, Coast to Coast Challenge and the 2017 Glass Slipper Challenge. She has been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, Mickey’s Christmas Party, and Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary. Her love, passion, and experience make her the perfect person to plan the most memorable trip for you!

Jennifer Rives
Vacation Planner

Jennifer’s first Disney experience was at 6 months old in a backpack, so her love for Disney started at an early age with family trips. She now instills her love for Disney to her husband and 4 children. Whether she’s planning a trip for a small group or a group of over 30, she’s here to make it as easy and stress free as possible! Jennifer is happy to share her tips and experiences to ensure you have a magical time!

Ryan Rocha
Vacation Planner
As a father of four, Ryan has had the opportunity to experience the magic a Disney vacation can bring to a family. Walt Disney World is the ultimate vacation destination for his family. He enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with others heading to any of Disney’s amazing destinations. Whether you are traveling with young children, older children, a large group or adults only, let him customize a plan for you that will maximize your enjoyment on your Disney vacation.
Savannah Sharp
Vacation Planner
As said in Cinderella, “Even miracles take a little time.” and thats how Savannah likes to look at life! Savannah’s love for Disney started as a young child, thanks to Disney Sing-Along videos and her first trip to Walt Disney World at 18 months old. After every-other-year trips to Disney World while growing up, Savannah moved to Ocala, FL where she and her sister had annual passes to visit as much as they would like. After moving to Texas, Savannah met her husband who shares her love for all things Disney–visiting Disney Destinations 2-3 times each year. Some of the Disney experiences she has been to include: Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Weddings by Disney, and her personal favorite multiple Dapper Day celebrations. After having her son in January 2018, Savannah is currently training for her first Run Disney event, as well as her son’s first visit, at the 2018 Wine and Dine half marathon. Savannah is so excited to get to share her experience and knowledge of Disney travel with clients!
Whitney Turner
Vacation Planner

Meet Whitney, a Disney enthusiast turned vacation planner. She is here to assist you in planning a stress-free vacation filled with memories that will last forever. Whitney has personal experience traveling with large and small parties as well as with infants and toddlers to Disney World and Disneyland. Planning can be as simple as getting tickets for your next park visit or preparing a complete vacation itinerary including lodging, tickets, dining and special experiences. Whitney is eager to share tips and advice that will make your trip absolutely seamless and truly magical.

Whitney White
Vacation Planner

Whitney was born and raised in small town southeast Texas and then moved to the big city of Austin, Texas! She and her husband went to Disney World for their honeymoon in 2004 and have been back almost every year since! Her husband and kids also share her love for all things Disney and the Chicago Cubs! Whitney is a fanatic when it comes to planning Disney vacations! She wakes up early to make advanced dinning reservations and/or select FastPasses. In fact, she does her best work in the wee hours of the morning. When Whitney is not at her full time job at a commercial title company, she’s at her second job where she is a mom of two beautiful girls. She loves seeing the look in her children’s eyes when they see the castle for the first time each time they visit! There is nothing more magical than viewing the magic of Disney through your children’s eyes! Whitney and her husband also enjoy kid-free trips to Disney World! She is so excited to help clients experience the magic of Disney!

Becky Willis
Vacation Planner

Becky is a lifelong Disney nerd whose first love was Mickey Mouse. Her first trip to Walt Disney World was when she was 12 and returned a few more times before starting her own family. She now enjoys visiting the Disney destinations with her husband and two daughters. She believes nothing is more magical than experiencing Disney through the eyes of her children. In addition to Walt Disney World, Becky also has experience traveling to the Disneyland Resort in California and has cruised with The Mouse through Disney Cruise Line. There are few things she enjoys talking about more than Disney! Let her help you maximize the magic on your next Disney vacation!

Dana Zachry
Vacation Planner

Dana’s love of all things Disney began in 1989 with a trip to Walt Disney World at the height of The Little Mermaid craze. Since then she has rarely gone more than a year without a visit, and it was her obvious choice for high school, college, and law school graduation trips. Having traveled at all times of the year, she has attended the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Very Merry Christmas Party, Flower & Garden Festival, and Food & Wine Festival. She has more than 15 Disney vacation experiences, ranging from Walt Disney World and Disneyland, to the Disney Cruise Line, under her belt and loves sharing her tips and tricks with others. Dana shares her Disney obsession with her mom and her two little boys, and she hopes that the Star Wars addition will help bring her husband over to the Disney dark side. She is excited to plan your Disney adventure, knowing you’ll surely make memories that will last your family a lifetime!