Concerts, Comedy Shows, Movies and other forms of entertainment have their headliner, star performer and featured presentation. In the same way, many Disney attractions have pre-shows that whet your appetite for the main event. And as any Disney fan will tell you, sometimes the pre-shows can be as exciting as the house-hold attraction names we’ve known for years.

Welcome to Believe Vacation’s Top Ten where today, we’ll look at the Top 10 Disney Attraction Pre-Shows. For this list, we are simply looking at the videos, performances or scenes that happen just before you enter the actual attraction. Top Queues (fancy name for Lines) will be discussed in another post in the future but let’s quit setting the stage for this list and get to the entry that sets the stage for the attractions:

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Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

10) Let the Magic Begin
There is only one way to kick off the list and that is the welcome show for the most popular park in all the land. Staged in front of Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom, the official decree welcomes us to the park where magic awaits around every corner. Once Mickey and some of his most popular friends hit the stage, you’re more than amped about starting your day. The perfect pre-show to start the perfect day!

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Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

9) Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor
Monster’s Inc is an incredibly popular franchise that, quite frankly, is not getting its just due at Disney Parks. We can agree though that Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor is one of the funniest shows in the parks. And it’s during the pre-show that we find out why they need laughter. Before entering the Laugh Floor to collect your laugh energy and power up the city of Monstropolis, you are introduced to your favorite characters from the franchise and even get a chance to text in your favorite jokes. Sit back and enjoy 6 minutes of tepid comedy from Mike and Roz and get the laughs rolling for the main attraction!

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8) Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Almost 20 years since it opened, this indoor roller coaster has no signs of slowing down. While the thrills and loop and twists and turns are breath-taking, the overall presence of the band Aerosmith makes this attraction top notch. Thankfully, the boys in the band are just on the other side of the recording studio glass to invite us backstage to their concert. I think it’s a great suggestion by Mr. Steven Tyler. The stretch limo waiting outside for us in the alley is a nice gesture too!

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Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

7) American Adventure
One of the most patriotic experiences within all of Disney Parks is the 30-minute American Adventure. This journey from the infancy of America through the Great Depression will make you reflect on how far our nation has come to be the great one that it is. But before it even begins, you are treated to some of the most talented singers known as the Voices of Liberty. Dressed in colonial garb, the tight harmonies and patriotic songs will set the tone for the rest of your personal American Adventure!

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6) Tower of Terror
After winding through the dusty lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel ,  you find yourself in a small holding room with relics and antiques. That’s when the small little TV in the corner starts and you are watching an episode of The Twilight Zone. Or are you IN an episode?! We learn about the haunted maintenance elevator that awaits us and how it all started, poetically, on a night, just like tonight….

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5) Dinosaur
Working for the Dino Institute would be a lot of fun. I mean, they invented a Time Rover, transporting us back to the age of the dinosaurs. But before we board and travel back in time, we need our safety briefing. In true, wacky time travel manner, there is an overambitious controller who has another plan for our trip. Our mission is laid out, our hopes of bringing back a dinosaur are at an all time high and it’s a perfect way to get hyped to hop on board and start the mission.

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4) Muppet Vision 3D
Those wonderful Muppets are sure to always give you quirky jokes and a ton of smiles. The running gags, the imitations, the songs, the jokes…and that’s just in the pre-show! Watching television monitors and being surrounded by classic props within Muppet Labs, this 10-minute mini-show will make the small wait time fly by. Just don’t forget your 3D glasses before you head into the Muppet Theater!

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3) Haunted Mansion
If you thought the interactive queue on the outside of the attraction was awesome, wait until you’re invited inside by your Ghost Host.  Once you are in the presence of the haunts and spirits that occupy the mansion, you are led to a chamber affectionately known as the “Stretching Room.” It’s up to you to determine if it truly is stretching but even more disturbing is not knowing how to find a way out!

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2) Test Track
If you love cars , you’ll love the pre-show. If you love designing, you’ll love the pre-show. If you are competitive, you’ll love the pre-show. If you love designing cars to compete against others and determine who has the best vehicle, you’ll love the pre-show. To make the wait time seem minimal, Test Track allows you 10 minutes to customize your ideal car.  Once you determine the look, feel, and interior workings, your car that you designed will be put to the test during the attraction and graded on its performance against the riders in your vehicle. So be creative but also be smart; it is a contest after all!

Honorable Mention:
Star Tours – Safety instruction videos can be boring; but throw in some cameos from your favorite franchise characters and you’ll be rushing to board the simulator!

Soarin – Our friendly flight attendant is still with us on Soarin’ Around the World and the safety instructions are still better than any major airlines.

Fantasmic – Basically one big sing-a-long, enjoy belting out your favorite current and classic hits, all while performing the wave!

1) Enchanted Tales with Belle
This technology-advanced attraction transports you to the Beast’s library and the day he and Belle fell in love. But how will we ever get there through Maurice’s house? Incredibly, a portrait on the wall opens to a doorway to the castle. That alone would make it awesome but the pre-show continues . Our favorite talking wardrobe helps assign roles for the upcoming re-enactment with Belle, retelling the tale that’s old as time. If an attraction has 2 pre-show settings, it’s got to be Number One, right? Now, work on that roar and you may just end up playing the role of the Beast himself!

Did we miss anything?  What is your favorite “show before the show?”  Leave your answer in the comments section and remember, there’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick is a husband and father residing in Maylene, AL. His love of Disney goes back to his early memories of watching the New Disney Channel on cable, occasional vacations to Orlando Florida and attending Disney Institute Management Training classes. He keeps up with Disney news and updates by reading numerous websites, experiencing attractions by watching YouTube videos and introducing his family to classic and timeless Disney movies, attractions and songs.