Many customers always ask us for packing lists to consider when going on a Disney Trip.  To start, there are plenty of options online you can obtain with a quick internet search.  Definitely start there but also consider the specific needs of your family when you travel to other destinations.  Odds are whatever you bring on those vacations, you may need it at Disney.  But for today’s post, we are going to mention just a few extra items our team has needed in the past and we want to make sure your family has them as well.

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Let’s assume we all know to pack shirts, shorts/pants, socks and underwear at least.  Then there are your PJ’s, hair accessories, jewelry and watches.  But these items will add a little flair and in some cases, a whole lot of comfort:

Ears/Hats – Keep the sun out of your face but if you’re not a fan of items on your head that have visors, try the fashionable ears you can buy at Disney.

Comfy Shoes – You’re going to be walking a good bit so you may want to invest in a pair that will keep your feet from injury.  If you can’t afford a new pair of shoes at this point, consider comfy inserts.  And while we are here, bring a second set in case the first pair didn’t work.

Sunglasses with Straps – The Florida sun is brutal on the pupils so make sure you have a good set of sunglasses and because you’ll be on some swift-moving attractions, have them on a reliable strap around your neck.

Matching Shirts – The popularity of matching shirts to indicate your group has been around forever but the Disney-themed ones are a ton of fun.

Backpack – Backpacks are not only allowed, they are encouraged.  Bring the essentials including items from the rest of this list and keep it all in one safe place.

Raincoat/Poncho – Central Florida storms happen almost every day and instead of having to purchase one of the world-famous Disney ponchos, be prepared with your own.

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From skin products to eye care and grooming products,keep a healthy look going on your Disney trip by bringing those items from home but 2 that we highly recommend include:

Hand Sanitizer – Thousands of people a day will touch the same rails and safety bars you are touching now.  Stay germ-free here folks!

Deodorant – Should go without saying but apparently some people just don’t know what a combination of moving and heat does to the sweat glands.  Don’t bless others with your presence via odor and take care of your hygiene.

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You will burn through some electronics on a Disney vacation and that’s why you must be prepared to bring the essentials.  Among the necessary items, we recommend:

Phone chargers – Obviously to charge in your room at the end of the day but whenever you get a chance to sit or eat inside the parks, try to find an outlet and charge up.

Portable battery charger – If the charger route doesn’t work, have a backup battery.  Again, you will burn through a battery looking at My Disney Experience all day.

Magic Bands – I mean, if you don’t want to get onto your fast pass rides let alone inside the parks, then by all means, they are not important.

Sound machines – Drown out the cheerleaders practicing outside or the kids splashing around the pools late night with a soothing background noise while you sleep.

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Whether it’s for the room or for the parks, you will need to eat at a random time and not when a food establishment is open.   Traditional school snacks are good as are your preferences for coffee.  But may we also add to the list:

Mini breakfast boxes and small milk containers – Eat a small cereal helping in the room before you head out for the day.  Don’t forget the bowls and spoons.

Lollipops – Good for bribing small children who are acting a fool and also a way to save money from real snacks in the parks.

Paper/Plastic silverware/flatware – You’ll never know you need to pack these until you decide to eat pizza in the room at 12:45 in the morning after a late night in the parks and still have the munchies.

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Yes, the children will NEED their phones and Ipads and others and yes they may need their favorite stuffed animal or “lovie” but let’s not forget these items to increase the smiles:

Autograph book – The perfect Disney souvenir allows you to capture the handwriting skills of your favorite characters.  Don’t miss out by not bringing one.

Large pens for autographs – Of course, you won’t be able to capture the magic without a writing utensil and for characters who have actors inside wearing gloves or oversized hands, they will appreciate your efforts to help them with their signature.

Glow Sticks – You want to be a good parent and buy a light-up, whirling, twirling gizmo thing-a-ma-jig but it costs $40.  Bring a few small plastic tubes you break, shake and illuminate and you’ll only be out a handful of dollars.

Shiny pennies and quarters – Pressed pennies are an amazing past time treat at Disney but the key to successful pressing is to have shiny pennies.  Store them in those containers for Mini M&Ms and you’ve got a nice carrying case as well.

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PLEASE bring your prescription medications and other routine items like Band-Aids, Moleskin and motion sickness remedies so that you don’t visit the Emergency Room instead of your day at the Magic Kingdom.  Other items we recommend bringing to the parks include:

Sunscreen – Use sunscreen with a high SPF count and apply generously and often in the Florida sun.

Cooling towels – Relatively inexpensive and worth every day, find a cool tap within the parks and wrap these wonders around your neck.

Hydroflasks – Plastic cups for water are nice but these insulated transports for liquids keep drinks cooooold…or hot if you prefer.

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Looking at some of the other lists on the internet, here are the ones that made us go, “Yes, definitely bring that!”

Dollar bills for tips and tolls – Never hurts to have a little spare cash on hand at Disney, especially for tipping friendly cast members.  Should you choose to drive, take our advice and research how many tolls you’ll have to pay getting to Disney World so that you’re not caught off-guard by the number.

Ziploc bags – My family uses them to store the week’s worth of clothes, others for medical reasons, still others for toiletries and there are many more uses.  You’ll find a use for them and never go wrong by bringing a box with you.

Stroller – Whether you bring it from home or rent one, any family with any child of ANY age needs a stroller.  Eventually, your child(ren) will not want to walk anymore and instead of dragging them around the park, simply let them rest and ride for a few moments.

Flotation devices – Kids will want to swim, jump in the deep end and ride the slides at the Disney pools.  If they need the devices at your hometown pools, odds are they will need them at the resorts and water parks.

GUM! – Best bring your own because there is absolutely ZERO sold on the entire Walt Disney World property!

Did we miss anything?  What are a few items you always pack for your Disney trip?  Thanks for reading and remember there’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow!

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick is a husband and father residing in Maylene, AL. His love of Disney goes back to his early memories of watching the New Disney Channel on cable, occasional vacations to Orlando Florida and attending Disney Institute Management Training classes. He keeps up with Disney news and updates by reading numerous websites, experiencing attractions by watching YouTube videos and introducing his family to classic and timeless Disney movies, attractions and songs.