Last week, we began a series looking at the Entertainment options available at Walt Disney World. We all know the attractions and characters, but what about the options that happen at designated times throughout the park day and do not have a wait time? We shared the options at the Magic Kingdom and now it’s time to look at other park and what entertainment options are available there.

Welcome to the continuation of our Entertainment series at Believe Vacations as this week, we focus on the options at EPCOT. For this article, we will provide a short blurb about some of the more popular entertainment options at EPCOT for you to consider in between attractions, as you sit and relax or for you to include into your already busy schedule. We have also researched and typed the traditional showtimes but please note – times are subject to change. How about we start in the good ole’ USA!

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The American Adventure

Shows at 11:15am, 12:00pm12:45pm1:30pm2:15pm3:00pm3:45pm, 4:30pm5:15pm6:00pm,  6:45pm7:30pm8:15pm

If you enjoy the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom, you will LOVE this show. Combining historical figures and American storytelling through an incredible 35 animatronics and digital projections on a 72-foot screen, this 30-minute journey is a true masterpiece. Located in the large (and air-conditioned!) Colonial Theatre, watch our history unfold before your eyes and meet historical figures on the way!

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British Revolution

Shows at 3:00pm4:30pm5:45pm7:00pm, and 8:00pm

Don’t be surprised if you’re in the UK Pavilion in the afternoon and early evening and you start rockin’ out like you’re back in LondonTown! This quartet of British Rock pays tribute to the greatest British artists of all time (and there are a few). A perfect concert for kids and adults to sing and dance along to! If you enjoyed them once, go back to another show for a completely different set.

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Garden Rocks and Eat to the Beat Concert Series

Shows at 5:30pm6:45pm, and 8:00pm

Every Spring and Fall, we at Believe Vacations cover the entire lineup for the season events and the Garden Rocks or Eat to the Beat Concert Series. Just know the shows are fun and the artists still have it!

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Groovin’ Alps

Shows at 12:05pm1:05pm2:10pm3:10pm5:00pm6:00pm, and 7:00pm

I am as unfamiliar with Bavarian Folk Music as you are, but man what a fun show! If tubas and accordions and sticks hitting random objects isn’t your thing, then let it be for a family member. This trio of incredible percussionists will make noise with any objects on any objects (like wooden spoons and backsides!)

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IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

One showing at 9:00pm

The soon to be departing (September 2019) firework and laser night show at EPCOT showcased around the World Showcase Lagoon brings together all the nations and people that surround the water. Displaying an immense array of of synchronization and projection, no seat is a bad one and will leave huge footprints for its successor (EPCOT: Forever) to fill.

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Impressions de France

Shows – Every :15 and :45 of the hour

Since the opening in 1982, Impressions de France has entertained and educated fans from all over the world. Playing on an incredible 200-degree screen, this featured attraction in the France Pavillion showcases the countryside, the big cities, the historical landmarks and the people that make this country one of a kind!

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Shows at 9:20am10:10am11:10am12:10pm1:35pm2:35pm, and 3:35pm

For almost 25 years, this group has been jammin’ and bangin’ on those trash cans in front of millions of people! Join along with the janitors on their “break” and send the kids up front to possibly become an honorary “Junior Jammitor.”

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The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats

Shows at 4:10pm5:10pm6:10pm7:10pm, and 8:10pm

Located in the China Pavilion, this amazing group combines flashy colors, artistic dance, acrobatic routines and incredible feats of strength to entertain their audience. You’ll leave the show wondering how they do it and how your body would feel if you ever tried to do one of the stunts!

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Mariachi Cobre

Shows at 11:30am12:15pm1:00pm1:45pm2:30pm4:15pm, and 5:00pm

Everyone loves a good Mariachi band at local Mexican restaurants. So when it’s the Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT, you know you’re getting the best! This ensemble will woo with the romantic ballads, energize with the blasts of the horns, make you dance with the strums of the strings and may even pay tribute to Coco once in a while.

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Shows at 12:20pm1:05pm2:00pm3:20pm4:10pm5:15pm, and 6:15pm

Located in the Japan Pavillion, these percussionists play rhythmic beats native to the Japanese culture and traditions. Listen and watch and they play slow and fast tempos and use drums of all sizes (and we do mean ALL SIZES) to compliment their talents.

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Oktoberfest Musikanten

Shows at 1:15pm2:15pm3:15pm4:45pm5:55pm7:00pm, and 8:05pm

Everybody Polka! Located inside the Biergarten Restaurant in the Germany Pavilion, this German Oompah band brings out the horns and the lederhosen for your enjoyment. This 20-minute show is a blast and if you’re the dude who always wants “More Cowbell,” they got you taken care of!

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Rose & Crown Pub Musician

Shows at 1:15pm2:15pm3:15pm, and 4:15pm

Just like any bar in America, every pub in the UK Pavilion needs a musician to play as the guests enjoy their libations. If you listen closely over the LOUDNESS of the people talking, you will hear the piano tones and sometimes, a full on band, adding to the jovial atmosphere inside the pub.

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Shows at 12:40pm1:40pm2:40pm3:40pm4:40pm5:40pm, and 6:40pm

What’s better than a mime? A juggling mime! What’s better than a juggling mime? And ITALIAN juggling mime!! Head over to the Italy Pavilion to watch this one-man show and be amazed at how loud a performer can be with no words, a whistle and your favorite household objects!

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Serveur Amusant

Shows at 12:15pm1:15pm2:15pm3:00pm3:45pm, and 4:30pm

Whereas the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats showed a serious nature of their balancing act, these goofs in the French Pavilion will really amaze and amuse. How many chairs can a man stand on? See the show and find out!

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Voices of Liberty

Shows at 12:15pm1:00pm1:45pm2:30pm3:15pm4:00pm, and 4:45pm

Before the afternoon showings on The American Adventure, this perfectly harmonious a cappella group in colonial garb echo their voices off the interior of the rotunda inside the Colonial Theater. Whether it’s more modern Disney classic tunes, patriotic anthems or old-time hymns, you’ve leave patriotic and possibly teary-eyed.

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick is a husband and father residing in Maylene, AL. His love of Disney goes back to his early memories of watching the New Disney Channel on cable, occasional vacations to Orlando Florida and attending Disney Institute Management Training classes. He keeps up with Disney news and updates by reading numerous websites, experiencing attractions by watching YouTube videos and introducing his family to classic and timeless Disney movies, attractions and songs.