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What to Expect During Your Disney Vacation When You’re Expecting

By April 12, 2017 April 8th, 2019 No Comments

Once upon a time, I was planning a trip to Walt Disney World (“WDW”) for my family when I discovered I would be expecting another child by the time we took our vacation. What a thrill! But I wondered, “what will touring Disney World while pregnant look like?” If you find yourself needing answers to the same question, I’ve got some advice for you.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way : yes, there are attractions you will not/should not see if you’re pregnant while at WDW. Thrill rides like Space Mountain, Test Track, and Expedition Everest are not recommended, but there are over 30 attractions available for you to enjoy across the four parks – and that doesn’t include park shows, parades, character meetings, and other diversions! There is more than enough to fill your days with fun and for you to share with your travel companions.

Another obvious point : you will absolutely need to rest your body, hydrate well, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and carry snacks with you. Those are non-negotiables for long days of touring for anyone, but even more so for the pregnant lady. Don’t push yourself to do more than you can, but instead know your limits and anticipate that you will need more rest, more snacks, more comfort, than you may initially think you would.  There is also an argument to be made here for staying at a WDW “monorail resort” – one of the deluxe accommodations connected to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot by the monorail, which would allow you to get back to your resort room very quickly and easily as needed.

That said, being pregnant at WDW also gives you some unique opportunities that you might not otherwise experience. If you don’t mind a little extra attention, pick up an “I’m Celebrating…” button at Guest Relations and have them write in that you’re expecting a baby so that other guests and WDW Cast Members will know to congratulate you. You can also meet favorite characters and let them in on your secret – they may have funny or special words to share with you regarding the baby. Even if you’re not someone who wants to publicly announce her pregnancy to strangers, you could take photos to include in a baby book or for your child’s nursery. There is, of course, a ton of baby apparel and gifts to be purchased at WDW, any of which would be sweet to show your baby later, but I love the idea of buying baby his or her first souvenir mouse ears while you’re pregnant!  Any way you can, be sure to commemorate this special time in your life – one which is over so quickly.

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You are likely to find that you need to take more breaks than you normally would, so why not embrace the need for rest and relaxation by enjoying one of WDW’s full-service spas? You could tour the Magic Kingdom through mid-day, hop on the monorail to the Grand Floridian, enjoy a prenatal massage, and still make it back in time to watch the evening fireworks with your family. When will you next have an opportunity for such pampering?

If a spa day isn’t your thing but you still want an air-conditioned rest, there are dozens of “dark rides” (attractions that are enclosed in buildings), 3-D movies, and shows that will keep you cool and off your feet. If you want an especially extended rest, check out Ellen’s Energy Adventure in Epcot, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom, or The Great Movie Ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Build these dark rides and shows into your plan so that you and your family are still together and enjoying WDW as a group.

Finally : the WDW theme parks are meticulously crafted and incredibly detailed, but many guests miss these special moments as they race from attraction to attraction. From “Hidden Mickeys” literally everywhere you look to subtle changes in pavement, music, and plants between lands (not to mention the entirety of the impressive World Showcase), you are bound to discover that the Disney Imagineers have gone the extra mile and left no corner of the park without some “magic” – and many people walk right by without even a second look. Being pregnant at WDW gives you an opportunity to do what many vacationers don’t do but wish they did : slow down, notice, and appreciate where they are. Consider yourself doubly lucky!

In short, being “with child” doesn’t mean you can’t go to Disney World and it certainly doesn’t mean you won’t have fun. You should go prepared and understand which activities you can do and which you can’t (if you want a full list of rides that have restrictions, shoot your Vacation Planner an email). As with most things in life, your expectations coupled with your attitude will determine how your vacation goes, so go into this one expecting to have fun and with an attitude ready to soak in the time with your friends and family.

(Disclaimer : always, always talk to your doctor before embarking on any kind of travel while pregnant. Health and safety first!)