Grandparents are great!  They take years of experience and navigating through this crazy world and use it to influence multiple generations.  Whether it is through their children or even down to their grandchildren, their legacies can be defined by anything from traditions to morals and even down to family secrets and entertainment.  As we are on the cusp of the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, you may meet some of these incredible people and hear about their stories visiting the new theme park in Florida either on opening day or during one of the first years.  Grandparents and Disney go hand-in-hand and it’s time to celebrate them…


Welcome to Believe Vacations’ Weekly Post where today, you will learn all about Grandparents at Disney. Meet two of our favorite agents, Robin Bratton and Vicki Siever, affectionally known at “Nonnie” and “Lolli.”  They are proud grandparents but huge Disney lovers.  Robin has had the pleasure of taking her granddaughter to Disney on a few occasions and also can be seen on many thrill rides like roller coasters.  Vicki is planning the initial Disney trip with her granddaughter and will experience some thrill attractions but likes to stay more grounded.  What better two individuals to discuss different planning stages and speeds at Disney then these two and they were kind enough to share their thoughts with us about this topic near and dear to their hearts!

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Is there a different “magic” when planning to go to Disney with grandkids?

Robin – We have been more than one time with our granddaughter and each time, we try to do something new.  This past trip was her first adventure on Rise of the Resistance.  We are consistent when it comes to resorts but we are looking to try new places each time moving forward.

Vicki – We are creatures of habit and prefer Wilderness Lodge.  We look forward to getting out of our comfort zone and staying at places with characters that our 2-year-old will recognize.  That will be special!

Are the parents allowed on the Grandparent/Grandkid trip?

Vicki – They would trust me but it is tough to sneak in a trip without them.  At least the first time, it’ll be all of us together.

Robin – The parents always love to go but if it’s possible to get a day in where it is just the grandkids and grandparents, I highly recommend it!

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Is there an attraction or experience you do with grandkids you normally would not do by yourself?

Robin – I have been to Disney Jr. Dance Party way too many times!! But I always ask my granddaughter if she wants to do anything new.  She remembers everything.

Vicki – I remember the good ole days of Bear and the Big Blue House.  We were there all the time!  We don’t turn away anything.

Why is it important to visit Disney at your age?

Vicki – I don’t think it ever loses its magic.  I’m still giddy with excitement when I drive through the gates.  I am crazy Disney Mom and my adult kids can’t keep up!  I enjoy the slower pace occasionally but I do love to go, go, go!

Robin – Going into Magic Kingdom is nostalgic.  My husband and I did our honeymoon at Disney.  It’s simply magical and still so much fun!

Robin, why do you still do the thrill rides?

Robin – I have always loved thrill rides.  It was always me and my dad.  I always thought flying in fighter jets would be amazing!  And now my granddaughter knows how much I love them.

Vicki, what attractions am I catching you on?

Vicki – I do like roller coasters and loved Hagrid’s at Islands of Adventures.  Some loops and twirls are fine but hanging off the edge and dangling is not my thing.

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What talking points or education do you pass on to grandkids at Disney?

Vicki – EPCOT is the best place for education at Disney.  I loved it as a kid and raising my girls in that park is a educator’s dream when you consider the countries and heritage.  And then you bring up the World’s Fair and Carousel of Progress and a trip to Disney can be just as educational as it can be fun.

Robin – We do Animal Kingdom for the same reasons.  Learning about the animals and riding out to the conservation station were highlights of the last trip.  At then at Hollywood Studios, we learned how to draw our favorite characters like the animators.

Lightning Round Questions

Favorite Park? Robin – Magic Kingdom; Vicki – Magic Kingdom

Favorite Attraction? Robin – Expedition Everest; Vicki – The original Soarin’ with the orange groves

Favorite Character? Robin – Minnie Mouse; Vicki – Winnie The Pooh

Favorite Restaurant? Robin – Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge; Vicki – Cinderella’s Royal Table, Hoop-de-Doo Revue and Whispering Canyon

Favorite Snack? Robin – Dole Whip; Vicki – Mickey Pretzel, Dole Whip and Mickey Bars

Favorite Resort? Robin – Pop Century; Vicki – Wilderness Lodge but highly recommend the Cars Family Suite at Art of Animation

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What is one piece of advice grandparents should know if they want to go to Disney?

Vicki – Just do it!  Save the money, budget, whatever, but make those memories and take the pictures for kids to remember forever.  It will be just as magical for you as it is for them.

Robin – You are not just doing that trip for the kids; you are doing it for yourself.  But if you do bring young ones who are able to walk on their own, plan that rest time during the day and a rest day during the vacation.


Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick is a husband and father residing in Maylene, AL. His love of Disney goes back to his early memories of watching the New Disney Channel on cable, occasional vacations to Orlando Florida and attending Disney Institute Management Training classes. He keeps up with Disney news and updates by reading numerous websites, experiencing attractions by watching YouTube videos and introducing his family to classic and timeless Disney movies, attractions and songs.