To the average person, the term “pixie dust” comes from the magical sprinkles Tinker Bell would shower people with to help them fly.  To Disney fanatics, we know that there is a deeper meaning to this term.  It’s a term that means that there are random moments where someone does something to give your vacation a little more magic then you expected.  It can come from Cast Members, other guests or just random moments of happenstance.  And as you will see in today’s article, it happens more than you think…

Welcome to Believe Vacations’ Weekly Post where today, we are going to share our Stories of Pixie Dust.  For this article, our agents were asked to share their favorite “pixie dust” moments.  We hope these stories put a smile on your face, encourage you to be “pixie dust” to others and to look for your own moments of being blessed for no other reason than….just because.

Samantha Andrews – I have a few! First, was our big family trip 2017. We fell in love with pin trading and this was the trip we all knew I’d get engaged. We had in our starter pack a Mr. Pin and we were looking for the Mrs. We were telling a Cast Member about it and he said he would keep and eye out for one. 10 minutes later he came and found us and opened his hand and there was the Mrs. Pin! He had asked a guest who was wearing it on her lanyard and told her our story and she gladly gave it to him to give to us! It was so sweet and really set our love for pin trading!
Second, when we got engaged, I walked up to the closest Cast Member to take our “fancy” picture in front of the Castle and sure enough, that’s when Hayden proposed! Our photographer Cast Member told the rest of her line she would be a while. Then, she took us around and did a mini photoshoot! We got tons of super cool and cute photos from her! Lastly, we went back for our honeymoon in 2018 and we were at the Very merry Christmas party. We had the special seating in the garden area. There happened to be a photographer in there and  it was our photographer that did our engagement! We told her and we caught up and she remembered us! And she asked if we wanted to do something fun during the show. So she did another mini photoshoot with us and caught the fireworks going off behind us, took us all around and got even more amazing photos! Now every time we go we always go looking for her!

Kasie Baird -We have a few also. One was in March 2020 right before the shutdown. We had Little Mermaid rooms and when we arrived, they upgraded up to a Finding Nemo suite. Another fun one was when Kate got to ride the teacups with Alice. Same trip Kate got picked to be the beast during Belle’s enchanted tales so she got to dance with Belle. A third fun moment…definitely a top 5 moment was in May 2014…it was my husbands and sons’ first time to ever go to Disney. It was our first day and we were walking down Main Street. A Cast Member tapped my shoulder and asked us to follow her into one of the stores. She asked if we wanted to be the family if the day. Ummm…yes! We got to be the grand marshals in the parade and ride in the fancy car to start the parade! Another time, Kate was wearing a Tinkerbell dress and was taking pictures with Peter Pan. Peter loved her and walked us to the front of the Peter Pan ride to ride. At the 50th celebration, Amelia heard the cast member telling everyone to move behind the line for the cavalcade so Amelia started saying it. The cast member grabbed Amelia’s hand and walked her up and down the line to tell everyone to move behind the line! Last one that comes to mind was after Kate’s first ride on slinky dog, one of the cast members gifted us all mickey bars to celebrate!

Amanda Doyle – My oldest decided to take a little trip to do Disney alone right after Christmas. Her flight was suppose to leave early on the 26th but was changed to late night on the 25th. She got to MCO around 11:30, hopped on the Magical Express and just went to the front desk and asked if she could hang out in the lobby until morning and she would hit the parks while waiting on her room. They told her she needed some rest before hitting the parks. So they gave her a room and did not charge her a dime for the extra night!

Ashley Holland – We were staying at Art of Animation and had declined housekeeping. So the security guard came by for a check and chatted with Meredith (then 3). He asked her what her favorite ride was and she said the Skyliner. About 2 hours later we got another knock on the door. He came back with a big Skyliner pin and a purple Mickey balloon because he had enjoyed chatting with her. She was SO excited!

Kyle Holland – Same trip, our overly chatty 3 year old was talking with the Cast Member in the shop and mentioned that her favorite princess was Ariel. The CM asked if she would like to dress Ariel for bed. At Art, they had an Ariel doll behind the counter, and each evening a young guest got to get her dressed for bed. Meredith thought that was the coolest thing ever, and she even got a certificate with her name on it saying she had helped Ariel get dressed.

Whitney Hubbard – Mine was actually on the August social media trip! I went into the Emporium on Main Street to get a celebrating button! I had just had a miscarriage in June and found out I was pregnant again in July so I wanted to get a celebrating my rainbow baby button! When the Cast Member asked what I was celebrating, I said a rainbow baby and he told me to hold on. He went and got a baby sized Mickey Mouse Disney World t-shirt and processed to give it to me with the button! He told me he was so sorry for my loss but so happy for this new baby! It was the littlest bit of kindness and pixie dust that meant more to me than I could have ever told him!

Brian Pavlick – It was the first time we took our kids. We drove through the night with a 3 little kids including 7-month old and arrived at 2AM EST. We had a weird limbo period of waiting until the buses started to run at 7AM. We were going to stay in our car but the guard suggested just letting the front desk know we had arrived. We met Corky from Michigan who advised us to get some breakfast at IHOP and then come back. While we were gone, she made sure we had a room so we could go ahead and check in. They didn’t even charge us! That’s when I knew Pixie Dust was real!

Eric Turner – We have a couple.  First, e were having dinner at Tony’s and another guest saw that I had a birthday pin on. She was heading home and had some credits left on her Dining plan and quietly paid for our meal. It was very sweet and made for a very magical day! The second was when my daughter first started pin collecting. She lost a pin that she was very attached to while we are having dinner at T-Rex. One of the cast members noticed that she was upset and the manager came over to ask what was wrong. After telling him the story, he brought her a replacement pin and even gave her a free dessert to cheer her up!

Whitney Turner – I got to experience a club level upgrade at the Grand Floridian for my birthday. But the coolest was my son turning the Osborn Christmas Lights on at Hollywood Studios.

Amanda Wheeling – We were staying at Disney’s Boardwalk for Princess Weekend. Our room was not ready as we were checking our bags at bell services, so they gave Emmitt and Charleston balloons to have for the park. Later that week, Emmitt lost his favorite MagicBand and when we told Linda at the front desk, she first gave a voucher for a new one and she made sure Hollywood Studios was in contact with her. She got a call that they found his band, she went to the park herself to get it and delivered it to the room with a Chewy stuffed animal.

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick

Brian Pavlick is a husband and father residing in Maylene, AL. His love of Disney goes back to his early memories of watching the New Disney Channel on cable, occasional vacations to Orlando Florida and attending Disney Institute Management Training classes. He keeps up with Disney news and updates by reading numerous websites, experiencing attractions by watching YouTube videos and introducing his family to classic and timeless Disney movies, attractions and songs.